Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and all those that may fall in between!

I am No Time Dad, thank you for stopping by! Below you will find the various ways that you can support the growth of the No Time Dad community, as well as the content that I can provide. My ultimate goal, is to be able to create content for the community as a full time job. Every bit counts, and I appreciate you all immensely!



Watch, Like, Comment, Subscribe, Follow Etc.

I will start off with the most obvious one, that helps the growth of No Time Dad Media on various platforms substantially. Every minute watched, thumbs up, share, and comment on any of my YouTube videos help the algorithm push my content out to a bigger audience. If you want to be easily notified of the latest No Time Dad videos, make sure you are subscribed and that you also click that little bell to turn on notifications.

I cannot monetize the channel until I have 1000 subscribers and maintain a certain threshold of watch hours monthly. Twitch only requires a follower count of 50 before you can start to monetize your streams through subscriptions and ads. This is an enormous hurdle to jump for any new content creator, remember, every bit helps!

However, I cannot assume you will blindly enjoy the content I create, so that brings me to another important topic.




Let Your Voice Be Heard!

I want to hear your opinions! Let me know what kind of content you would like to see from No Time Dad Media!

Was there a certain video I made that you would love to see more of? Let me know!

Is there a piece of content that you didn’t particularly enjoy? Let me know that too!

I cannot tailor my content for you guys without knowing what you like and dislike about it, give me that constructive criticism!

Now that I have touched base on the ways that you guys can help out freely, let’s move on to some ways that you can support No Time Dad financially.




Of the various ways you can support me financially, this is one that means the most. Patreon makes it insanely easy for individuals to support content creators they love, as well as for those creators to give back to their communities. I currently only have one Membership Tier and it costs $1 monthly.

Become a Patron!

Currently there is no direct benefit to subscribing to me, however I do pledge that for a long time coming, all funds earned will be directed back into the channel.

This will mean new equipment, software, twitch emotes, alerts, etc.

Stay tuned for polls dictating my future content, potential giveaways, and more!

Your support means the world to me. The fact that I am even worth your dollar is mind blowing!



Green Man Gaming

I have been purchasing games through Green Man Gaming for several years now. I have never had a negative experience, and they often have the best sales on the market. This includes newly released titles and preorder for games.

They offer product keys for Steam as well as Epic Games Store.

If you click the link below and purchase any digital game, No Time Dad will receive a small commission.

So catch yourself a sweet deal and support No Time Dad in the process!



Amazon Links

If you purchase anything through the links to Amazon on this site, No Time Dad will earn a very small commission on the sale. Usually a couple cents each, unless it is a special promotion. This sounds like an insignificant amount, but as I have said before, every bit counts.




The Bottom Line

I couldn’t do this without you, your support means the world to me! Thank you!

I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU for your time.

Remember to laugh, stay kind, and have a wonderful day!

No Time Dad

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