Satisfye Elite Nintendo Switch Accessory Review

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I am No Time Dad, thank you for stopping by! Today, I am bringing you a review of the Satisfye Elite Nintendo Switch accessory bundle.

What’s in it?

The elite bundle comes with most of the goodies that Satisfye has to offer.

  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Traveling Case
  • Low Profile USB-C Cable
  • 4 Thumbstick Grips

I will get into the details of each item below, but there’s already a ton of value present.

Does it boast the quality to match?

Ergonomic Grip

I am absolutely in love with this thing.

Your Switch (with Joy-Cons attached) just slides right in and you are ready to go. It stays firmly attached to your Switch and is easy to remove. No snapping necessary.

The grip is very durable. I have put close to 200 hours of use on this thing. The only sign of wear is some slight scuffing on the back of the rubberized grip.

The comfort is the biggest selling point. I can play with this thing all day and experience zero discomfort in my hands. To put this into context, I can only get about 30 minutes of play in without the grip before it starts to hurt. Satisfye has released an absolute game changer and I don’t think it can be topped.

The grip also doubles as a stand, in case you wanted to play with a pro controller or a separate pair of Joy-Cons. This makes the Switch even more convenient, being able to securely set it down for a moment.


Traveling Case

The case is designed to fit your switch with the grip attached to it. You CAN put just your switch in the case, but it will not be secure. I believe this is the reason why they do not sell the case outside of the bundle. There is an elastic strap to lock your Switch down even more.

There is a groove just below the Switch that can house a battery pack for on the go charging of your device. It was specifically designed with Anker battery packs in mind (like the Anker PowerCore 20100), but it can secure anything up to 6.6″ in length.


Built into the case are two flaps that can secure up to 10 Switch cartridges each. The first flap doubles as extra protection for your screen. The second flap has a small zipper pouch in the back. I have no idea what you could store here, but it’s there. Maybe throw your pack of gum in there, or your wallet if you really hate having things in your pockets.

Built into the top half of the case is a larger mesh zipper pocket. You can store extra Joy-Cons and other accessories in here, like extra charging cables.

This thing is bulky. It offers some extra padding for any impact it might take mid transit. It fits perfectly in my backpack and squares off a base for me to pack other things, such as magic cards. If the size is an issue for you, they do offer a “slim” variation. I have not personally tested the slim version.


Low Profile USB-C Cable

They definitely thought ahead with this one. This thing allows your switch to charge in a packed up case. It also keeps the cord out of your way if you must charge while you play. It functions well and there isn’t much else that can be said about it. Value.


Thumbstick Grips

These things were okay. They are very comfortable but very bulky. Bulky to the point where I could not get a full tilt out of my joystick. I can’t imagine this being a compatibility issue with my Joy-Cons specifically, but I suppose it is possible.

As of 2019, Satisfye has updated their thumbstick grips. This issue may or may not have been resolved with the new ones.


The Bottom Line

Rating: 5/5



If there was ever an accessory bundle to rule them all, this would be it. All Satisfye needs to do is partner with Anker and sell a bundle including a battery pack. The grip is a godsend for Switch gaming everywhere. The case keeps your investments secure while you’re on the go.

As far as accessory pricing goes, this comes in at a very reasonable $49.99.

Satisfye is very dedicated to their product, making improvements as they progress and listening to customer feedback.


Crying Babies: 2/5



The price point leaves little to be desired when considering your budget. More diapers for everyone!

Kids do seem to be more interested in the case than the Switch itself, which could be troublesome.

I guess if you’re irresponsible, the thumbstick grips could become a choking hazard.


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Satisfye Elite Switch Bundle– $49.99

Satisfye Slim Switch Bundle– $49.99

Satisfye Switch Grip– $22.99


Switch Lite versions available now!


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