My Prerelease Experience – War of the Spark

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and all those that may fall in between!

I am No Time Dad, thank you for stopping by! Today, I am discussing my first MTG Prerelease experience with War of the Spark!

The Expectation

Let me start off by stating that do not like crowds. My anxiety skyrockets when I am surrounded by more than a handful of people, even more so when they are people I do not know.

Mix that with the generalization of the Magic the Gathering community being toxic and, well, you have a less than desirable situation in store.

Our LGS (local game store for those of you who might not be familiar) is very small. It gets extremely hot in the summer and very cramped during events.

I made sure to pay my entry fee weeks in advanced, so I wouldn’t cancel due to the building anxiety. I also chose the midnight event to minimize my fears.


Prerelease Night

The shop opened up at 11:30 PM, the event itself kicking off at 11:45 PM. I arrive to see nearly twenty faces I didn’t recognize. What have I done?

After standing around awkwardly for approximately 15 minutes, it was time for us to crack our packs and build up our decks.

For those who may be unfamiliar, players are given a “Prerelease kit” containing six booster packs as well as a random stamped rare promo card. (War of the Spark came with a random promo Planeswalker in addition to the normal random rare) You are then tasked to make a deck of at least 40 cards to use in your various matches throughout the event. Matches are best 2 out of 3 and points are awarded for victories.

I love be building decks. I might love building them even more than actually playing them. My pulls from my packs weren’t that great but I still feel like I was able to out together a decent enough deck.

I decided to reach out to the people sitting near me and strike up a conversation, awkward as it might have been. I shared that this was my first prerelease. They too shared their experiences and we discussed our various sealed experiences via Magic the Gathering Arena.

The ice was broken, I was ready to play some matches.


The Matches

I started out of fire, sweeping my first opponent 2 to 0. We finished quickly enough that we played about 5 more games while we waited for everyone else to finish.

It all went down hill from there. The next round I lost completely. 0-2. The rest of my rounds finished 1-2.

I placed 11th overall.

Even though I got stomped, I still had fun. Everyone was very nice and helpful. The only exception being a single grumpy individual, but this could have just been because it was 4:00 AM and we were all very tired.


The Bottom Line

I had a blast playing with people outside of my usual play group. Sealed events kind of even the playing ground for veteran and new players alike. I am definitely interested in future MTG events.

I even picked up a box of War of the Spark for myself. You can check out my box opening in the video below.

If you are like me and have been hesitant in playing Magic the Gathering down at your local game store, give it a shot! I had a great time and hope that you will too.

Did you attend your local Prerelease event?

How did it go?

Were you happy with your pulls?

Let me know down below!


I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU for your time

Remember to laugh, stay kind, and have a wonderful day!

No Time Dad

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