Homebrew: Slot Machine Mimic

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and all those that may fall in between!


I am No Time Dad, thank you for stopping by! Today, I am bringing you my first Fifth Edition homebrew content.

I recently made a trip to Las Vegas, so I decided to make a Las Vegas themed Dungeons and Dragons creation.


The Slot Machine Mimic

The Bottom Line

I wanted to make gambling the key aspect in the ability design, while also staying true to the mimic. This should give a player group of level 10 a decent challenge, while also giving them a fun reward.

5E doesn’t use exploding dice, however, I think it can be a fun tool to throw in for some house rule situations. Feel free to tweak the monster as needed to fit your campaign.

I created the Slot Machine Mimic on D&D Beyond.

You can find it here.

Any suggestions for balancing are always welcome. I can’t wait to try this beast out!

If you have decided to give the Slot Machine Mimic a test, make sure to let me know how it turned out!



I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU for your time

Remember to laugh, stay kind, and have a wonderful day!

No Time Dad


  1. Is a monk able to catch the coin from the “payout” ability with their arrowing catching ability? And if so, is it tax-free income?

    1. Author

      Any missile from a ranged weapon attack can be caught with the Deflect Missiles ability. Question 1 gets a yes from me!

      The second question would have to depend on the variable tax laws for the given world/plane/region.

      However, the rule of fun conquers all!

      Let record state: Yes, Yes!

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