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Blazing Beaks

Blazing beaks is a roguelite, twin stick shooter for Steam (PC) and the Nintendo Switch. This game offers the typical brutal and rewarding gameplay that most roguelike lovers, like myself, will enjoy. The art style is very whimsical, as it the soundtrack, providing a very child friendly experience for any prying eyes.




All of the characters in Blazing Beaks are based off of different avian species. Each character has different modifiers and staring weapons, which makes each of the birds feel unique.

For example, the Duck starts with a max HP of 5. After not firing for one second, the Duck will automatically reload its weapon three times faster than usual. The Duck carries a static debuff of 50% less weapon range.




The artifact system in Blazing Beaks is an interesting twist on a classic play style. Essentially, every artifact you pick up applies a different debuff to your run. This can be anything from lowering your movement speed to spawning a ghost on every level that will kill you on contact.

Each artifact carries a “Greed Score” which will be notated at the top of your screen. When you enter a shop, you will encounter the blackbird. He will exchange all of your current artifacts and reward you with items, quantity and rarity scaled off of your current total greed score. This will effectively remove all your current debuffs and replace them with buffs.

This risk vs reward play style is incredibly fun, even if you find yourself compelled to pick up every artifact regardless of how it might compromise your run, like me!




In Blazing Beaks, you can only have one weapon at a time, however you have unlimited ammo for that weapon. Every character has their own unique starting weapon. You can obtain a new weapon through secret rooms, locked doors, or purchasing them from the shop with your gold.

The shop will have three options available to purchase you anytime you enter. You can also steal a weapon if you cannot afford it, but this will force the shopkeeper to no longer offer you anything for the rest of your run.

Your preferred weapon will likely vary based on your character selection and ultimately decide what levels you choose to challenge later on.




The boss selection in Blazing Beaks is a little lacking. Each floor only has one possible boss that can spawn. While this allows you plan for the challenges ahead, it also hurts the replayability.

The design of the bosses and their chambers are fitting for the overall layout and design of their associated levels. The forest/swamp features a swamp boss, the graveyard features a bone-meat monster, etc.




Seeds and Ladders

Blazing Beaks has a seed based procedurally generated pattern for its runs. On the game over screen, you will be presented with a seed number. So, if you want to challenge that particular layout once again or share it with friends, you can.

Keep in mind that most of the unlocks can only be obtained in a story mode run, which assigns a random seed.

There is also a daily challenge and Leader Board. You can take on a specific seed that the developers have generated for the day and compare your efforts with the rest of the community.





Blazing Beaks offers two forms of multiplayer. The first being two-player local co-op and the second being an arena mode supporting up to four players. I have not been able to test any of the multiplayer modes, so I cannot readily speak on the quality of the experience it offers.



The Bottom Line

Rating: 3/5 stars.




Blazing Beaks offers the same rogue-like gameplay that many have come to love. The artifact system applies a unique risk/reward variance that adds a new layer of brutality.

Unless you are able to tap into the multiplayer aspects, I feel like the overall variation you can experience is quite low for a rogue-lite.

Flaws aside, this is still an insanely fun game that you can sit down for an hour and get a few runs in. This is perhaps my favorite aspect of any rogue-like. The little bite sized gameplay options are perfect for a busy schedule.


Crying Babies: 1/5


The whimsical style of Blazing Beaks is very child friendly. The art is very cartoony and the music is very lighthearted. Your children will be interested though, so keep that in mind. You can also pause the game at any time, which lends itself particularly well to the unpredictability of parenthood. The standard price is a comfortable $14.99, which won’t likely compromise your diaper fund.

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  1. This looks like something my kids would enjoy and me with them 🙂 Looks like hours and hours of gameplay during Corona quarantine.Can you tell me perhaps how many hours you can play this game or is it endless and never-ending fun? Thank you so much for this review! Oh yes, I forgot,do you have the price of this game please, I don’t seem to find it ? Thanks !

    1. Author

      The game is essentially endless. The prices is right at the end, $14.99 or $12.59 on sale.

  2. Such an amazing review. My neice will love this as it is child friendly. Also the lighthearted music and unlimited ammo for the weapon  seems great. I think the daily challenges is a great idea too. I’m thrilled to know I can get it as low as $12.59

    Thanks for sharing this with me, I can’t wait to place an order for her.

  3. Heloooo dear. Am so glad you shared these review with us. I was searching online when I saw your review. I believe these is what I really need been searching online to know if Blazing Beaks is a multiplayer game. But after seeing your reviews on the game my doubt has been cleared.thanks for the info

    1. Author

      It is, but only through local multiplayer. No online multiplayer support.

  4. Heloo No time Dad, I love your website it’s very nice and well constructed, well done. Anyways thanks for sharing this amazing review on blazing beaks. I am a game boy 😁 I love gaming a  lot, it gives me lots of pleasure gaming. Well I haven’t tried out the blazing a beaks before, after this going through this review I will sure give it a trial. I think it’s really going to be interesting.

  5. An amazing review you have there on ” blazing beaks’.

    In this pandemic I play a lot of game to distract myself from the happenings around and also the fear that follos.

    Blazing beaks’ sounds like a good game to try out!  The theme of the game seems child friendly therefore I can play with my kids. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Author

      It is child friendly as far as the design, I think the game might be too difficult for little children.

  6. My kids will love this game. My 9-year-old son is just starting to get into computer games and obviously loves anything that involves weapons. I try to minimize the number of games with weapons but one or two is ok and Blazing Beaks sounds pretty child friendly. Even better is that now on lockdown he’ll be able to play with his friends. Thanks for the review.

    1. Author

      The multiplayer is local only, though Steam on PC has a way of playing “couch co-op” over the internet.

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